Reporting Guidance

At, we value the safety and well-being of our users. Therefore, it is important to us that any inappropriate content or violation of our policies is promptly reported and addressed.

If you find inappropriate content or a violation of our policies, you can report the content by clicking on the 'Report' button available on each post. When you make a report, we will investigate the content and, if necessary, take action to remove it.

In addition, we provide users with options to protect their account. You can turn on 2-Step Verification to add an extra layer of security to your account, and you can also block or report other users who are violating our policies.

We also recommend that you keep your personal information private and not share it with strangers. If you receive messages from other users that seem suspicious or inappropriate, please report them immediately and block that user.

To ensure the safety of our users, we also regularly monitor our platform and take steps to remove inappropriate content or violations of our policies.

In case of emergency or security threat, contact local authorities immediately. If you need help or have questions about how to report or protect yourself on, please contact us at We are always ready to help you keep your account safe and secure.


 Janeiro 01,2023