Learn a little more about us

Rules me Sobre
Learn a little more about us

The Rulesme story begins with a group of friends passionate about technology and content creation. They always got together to discuss new ideas, when in one of these meetings they decided to create something that could help other content creators to share their creativity with the world. It was on that day that the idea of Rulesme was born.

There were months of planning before starting the development phase of the platform. The great challenge for the Rulesme team was to create an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, however, with advanced editing, customization and monetization features.

After a lot of work and validation testing, Rulesme was finally released and immediately started to gain popularity among content creators. Users loved the platform's ease of use, and it quickly became one of the industrys leading content sharing platforms.

Even with growing success, Rulesme continued to evolve, adding new features and more monetization options, such as selling exclusive content, commissioned links, and the ability to advertise and attract sponsors.

The team is always working to offer the most advanced features, such as the use of Artificial Intelligence to optimize communication between content creators and their followers, and the possibility of paying using Bitcoin, the safest and most anonymous payment method that exists.

Rulesme's success story is an inspiring example of how a simple idea and a group of determined people can create something simply amazing.

Rules me Sobre

"Today, Rulesme.com is a global platform with millions of registered users and
positioned as one of the leaders in content sharing.

Privacy and security, our priority!

For us at Rulesme, users privacy and security are top priority.

Our privacy policy ensures that your personal information will be handled responsibly and transparently. We never share, sell, or rent this information to third parties, except as necessary to provide our services or as required by law.

Rulesme protects your personal information against unauthorized access and we keep its contents fully protected from any alteration, disclosure or destruction by third parties.

As additional security features, we require two-step verification to connect to the platform and provide the ability to block or report other users.

We also give you complete control over your personal information. So you can access, update or delete this information at any time.

Join us to create content in a fun and interactive way, experiencing the peace of mind of knowing that your privacy and security are in good hands.